Friday, July 10, 2009

Zomby Wisdom

Over lunch today, I was talking about relationships with my co-workers. One of them, who had just gotten married about a month ago, went through relationship classes with his beloved before they were married--classes that were offered through their church and that were aimed at making sure that the couples were well-prepared for what marriage would hold for them. He was explaining something that he had learned about the reasons that men and women argue and fight in relationships. It was something about men needing respect and women needing love.

This overcomplicates things.

“I argue,” I explained, “because I’m right. She argues because she hasn’t yet realized that I’m right. Give her time.”

The consensus seems to be that I might need relationship classes.

On an entirely other note, this is the kind of wisdom you might be able to expect if I can manage to find the equipment, knowledge, time, and will-power to pull off a series of podcasts that I would like to put together. I’ll be looking to put that together after I return from vacation in a couple weeks--if you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know. I already have a few themes that I know I want to discuss, but I’m always open to new concepts.


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