Friday, September 12, 2008

We’ll Return to Politics Shortly. For Now, Let’s Talk About Ike.

I generally don’t pay too much attention to hurricane news--living in Colorado has left me fairly well insulated from worry. Ike grabbed my attention, though, because the company I work with has two events scheduled for the new future in the region. One, in Texas City, happens about four weeks from now and the other, in Baton Rouge, comes a little more than a month after that one.

No, I’m not mentioning names, industries, or events--I still work to keep my professional life separate from my personal life.

Anyway, watching the news over the last few days I’ve become a little obsessed with the path, the regional reactions, and the potential damage that the storm is going to do. Frankly, the size of the damned thing is terrifying and Brendan Loy’s warnings aren’t making me feel any better.

What is really bizarre to me, seeing the warnings from the National Hurricane Center in particular, is to hear that people are refusing to leave Galveston. Apparently “certain death” isn’t enough of a guaranty.

I’ll be watching the news tomorrow, hoping for a miracle, and hoping that some of our friends in the Gulf region are okay. Hell, I even hope the idiots who chose to ignore the warnings are all okay, too, although a little spanking wouldn’t hurt.

In a grand show of misplaced solidarity, I’ll also be dying into Sean Stewart’s wonderful Galveston. And I’ll be listening to Kenny Roger’s best song, too--although that’s just a personal, current preference and it has absolutely nothing to do with politics or hurricanes. “I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in...”


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