Monday, June 25, 2007

Wasted Capital (And My Many Socially Unacceptable Pals)

I haven’t really staked out territory on the immigration bill, but isn’t it odd to watch the Bush administration spending so much political capital trying to push the bill through against overwhelming opposition? Does Bush see this as a way of saving his legacy? If so, I would much rather have seen the administration push this aggressively for something like Social Security reform--and, indeed, success there would have been a legacy of which to be proud.

But this much time and energy spend on a wildly unpopular immigration reform seems like a grand way to blow the last shreds of influence that the administration has with an increasingly hostile congress. Aren’t there more important battles to be fought right now?

That said, how is it that anyone is surprised by the direction that Bush’s immigration bill took? He telegraphed his views all the way through his state of the union addresses and both campaign runs.

Bush will be Bush.

None of which explains the fact that I need to use more naughty language on the site so that I can keep up with these other fine, potty-mouthed bloggers:

  1. Mr. Lady (who worked damned hard to be bad).
  2. Velociman (to whom obscenity comes far more naturally).
  3. Rob Sama (I trust the disappointing showing will be rectified soon).

Sadly, Andy’s score doesn’t reflect the reality of Andy (whose naughtiness should not be underestimated).

So, yeah. Where was I going with that?


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