Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Ward Churchill: Not Quite Gone Yet

Ward Churchill wasn’t above using his (possibly imagined) ethnic heritage to help secure a job he otherwise never would have been seen as qualified to hold. He wasn’t above using that same (possibly manufactured) ethnic heritage as a fast track to tenure. He hasn’t been above using that (possibly fabricated) ethnic heritage as a sort of stage prop and window dressing. And, in fact, he seems to be utterly fine using his (possibly inaccurate) ethnic heritage to help shield himself from criticism.

According to the Churchill panel report, the professor will not face disciplinary action for having used his ethnicity to help land the job at CU, but he could face potential action if he is found to have “has attempted to gain a scholarly voice, credibility, and an audience for his scholarship by wrongfully asserting that he is an Indian.” While this racially sensitive portion of the panel’s findings is quite short, Churchill’s lawyer latches onto it like a rabid pit bull.

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