Monday, August 27, 2007

Voting for the Most Doomful of Doodles (Updated)

Okay, no more entries. Y’all have six to choose from (just scroll on down the line) and one of them (my sketchy sketch of a Colt Commander) doesn’t even count.

Vote once, please, but feel free to encourage others to vote for the one that you think is the best. Don’t forget: the winner gets a gift certificate to Amazon. I’m hoping they buy me something nice (but that’s really unlikely, isn’t it?).

Update: And just in case you like clicking on links to make new windows pop up in your browser, here are the links to each of the entries and to the original post.

Entry 1, in which we learn that stick people are people, too. It says so right in the name, in fact.
Entry 2, in which “ptew, ptew” makes us giggle. 2
Entry 3, in which no one dares guess what “Papa H Special” means.
Entry 4, for which we can’t vote.
Entry 5, in which we learn that I can’t tell the difference between a Prada purse and a broom. Which is surprising. 3
Entry 6, in which aliens invade the planet. 6

The Original Entry. Which sounds far more grand than it actually is.

Updated Again: Pimped by Jed. Nicely done (even if it does break the code of silence). Linked by our good friend, Steve, who, incidentally, likes the one with curves.

LATE NIGHT UPDATE: The winner, by popular acclaim, is Aliens--Jed’s masterwork of doom doodling brilliance. He will be properly awarded his Amazon gift certificate tomorrow. Hopefully he’ll let us know what he buys with his prize.

Maybe an art book.

Congratulations, Jed. You captured the spirit perfectly.


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