Thursday, December 28, 2006

Using the iTunes Gift Cards: Champagne Charlie

For those who are interested (and there are precisely two of you (plus one mythical being), this is how I made my first purchase using the $80 in iTunes dough that was bestowed upon me by my friend Jerry, the darling future wife, and some cat named Santa. This is also, of course, a musical suggestion of sorts.

Leon Redbone’s wonderful Champagne Charlie is a good dose of energetic Americana. Redbone’s slurring, deep voice sounds almost as old as the music that he sings. It’s blues, jazz, and ragtime that never fails to get me smiling (with the exception, of course, of its few melancholy moments, like the downbeat blues of “I Hate a Man Like You” and the pose of “If Someone Would Only Love Me"). Mostly, though, it’s plucked guitars, brassy sounds, a little bit of whistling, and even a yodel or two. Really, it’s a classic feel that inspires warm thoughts.

Particularly good to download if you aren’t ready to commit to the album are “Champagne Charlie”, “Alabama Jubilee”, “I Hate a Man Like You”, and “Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now”.


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