Tuesday, April 18, 2006

American Idol: April 18 (The Quickie)

Can’t stand Rod Stewart’s voice; seems like a nice enough guy, though. Ridiculously cute child, too.

Chris Daughtry on “Wonderful World” is actually pretty damned good. While his voice won’t match the expressive beauty of Armstrong’s, it is about as pretty as Daughtry will ever get. A classic arrangement and a classy vocal turn.

Paris is divine. Her vocal on “Foolish Things” was perfect and surprisingly mature for such a young lady. Utterly gorgeous, not overly adorned, and warm. According to the g-phrase, it was also one of the most difficult songs we’ll here tonight.

Taylor’s “You Send Me” was almost two songs in one. It started about as boring and lifeless as you could imagine, but finished with all the personality that we’ve come to expect from Hicks. It was never bad, but I can’t help but think it should have been outstanding.

Elliott Yamin fit “It Had to be You”, but the goofy back-up singers did nothing to help him no favors. Good but not great.

Kellie is bubbly. Perky, too. And not as particularly bright. I was shocked that she could string together “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered” without a speech coach and a cue card. Kind of the opposite of Taylor, she started well and ended bad. Stupendously bad.

Acs is just not a particularly good singer. His nasal, weak voice is my least favorite of the bunch (and that’s squeezing under a mighty low bar) and his new look--which hair slicked back--wasn’t a good thing. Although Picler probably deserves the boot, I can’t help but hope that Ace is the one to get voted off the island this week.

Katherine looke and sounded her best. Which means that she looked magnificent and sounded, you know, pretty good. Vocally, she just doesn’t have it in her to be the best, but this was a solid night for her and a great performance.

Not as good as Simon suggested, though.

Now, for the good part of the night: House.

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