Sunday, October 30, 2005

So, Here I Am…

A- Somebody changed all the clocks while I wasn’t looking. Which would have been so cool if I had known in time to get an extra hour of sleep.

B- Number one on my Christmas List of Things Somebody Might Actually Buy Me (Which, Therefore, Excludes Things Like Aston Martins, Harems, and Sharks with Frickin’ Lasers on Their Heads):

3 discs with never-before-seen footage, 40 episodes handpicked by creator Mike Judge, including original uncut versions, plus music videos and more.

It’s the fact that they’re including the music videos that really gets me happy.

C- I’m trying hard to pretend that the “Yeah, it was great to be on vacation, but it’s so nice to be back home” BS is something other than BS. But it’s not. It’s just a big ol’ load of BS. All things considered, I’d rather still be on vacation.

D- I have exactly three trillion and four emails to get through, so if I don’t respond to something you sent me while I was gone, it’s just because I haven’t quite gotten through all of those emails quite yet. Trust me, I’ll get through them all soon.

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