Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Evil That iTunes Does (And the Hideous Strength of Late Night Purchasing Power)

It’s late at night, my mind wanders, and my will is weak. The iTunes Music Store now sells video downloads, and I find myself wondering if the videos for a-ha’s “Take on Me” and “The Sun Always Shines on TV” are available. They aren’t.

I find myself wondering if there are any Screaming Trees videos available. Life is wonderful.

I am now the happy owner of four Screaming Trees videos (priced at $1.99 each) and feeling giddy as a school boy on his first date. See, I’ve always wanted to be able to buy videos for songs that I grew up with. I want to see Billy Idol’s well-practiced sneer on “White Wedding” and the killer animation from a-ha’s “Take on Me.” I want to watch the disturbing Alice in Chains video for “Man in the Box.”

Growing up with an MTV that constantly played videos gave so many of those songs a visual connection that was nearly as strong as (and in some cases, probably stronger than) the aural connection--and Apple just tapped into a long held desire on my part to be able to see those videos again.

Apple has once again found a way to take money from my pocket.

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