Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Childish Sheehan

Why is it useless to meet with and talk with Cindy Sheehan? Because she can credit no good will to the people who disagree with her. If the answer isn’t the one that she wants, it isn’t because someone else has different beliefs or conclusions, but that they are lying to her, that they are somehow misleading her.

Take her reaction to her recent meeting with John McCain:

“He tried to tell us what George Bush would have said,” Sheehan, who protested at the president’s Texas home over the summer, told reporters. “I don’t believe he believes what he was telling me.”

Hers is a childish position: an actual conversation isn’t even possible and no answer but utter capitulation will make her happy. Unless Bush or any other supporter of the war were to admit that it was all an exercise in wealth generation for the oil industry and an act of naked imperialistic aggression, she won’t be satisfied--all because she cannot credit dissent as coming from a principled position.

It’s like watching a cranky two year-old who tells you what she wants but won’t be satisfied no matter what she gets. It’s a useless endeavor, really, and the best you can do is hope that they grow out of their behavior as soon as possible.

Read the story.

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