Sunday, August 28, 2005

Mental Prep

Things to do tomorrow (if Something Bad Happens in my life):

  1. File for unemployment immediately. The money will help supplement my savings while I look for a new job.
  2. Go for a bike ride. It’s been a long year and I haven’t had the time to ride my bike that I would like. A good, long ride would do me good both mentally and physically.
  3. Clean the apartment. It needs it.
  4. Update the ol’ resume. It needs it, too.
  5. Decide what to put in the portfolio and build an online site (not related to ResurrectionSong) to support the printed bits.
  6. Watch Anchorman. I’m guessing I’ll need a good laugh.
  7. Give blood. There might be an increased need after Katrina hits. Even if there isn’t, giving blood is a good thing--and a small thing--that most of us can easily do that has the potential to help others.
  8. Don’t drink. That’s something I don’t need.
  9. Get my references together and start the networking machine.
  10. Get dry cleaning done. Must be ready for the interviewing process.

This could be a tough week.

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