Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tonight’s Debate: Why Paulites Should be Cranky

I got home late and didn’t immediately jump into watching the debate. I didn’t have the strength. I couldn’t resist the call of the pander entirely, though, and tuned in about half an hour ago. In that time, Ron Paul sat looking frighteningly attentive (as he does), but given no chances at all to speak. Then came a magic moment: the question put to all the candidates, in essence, “Was Justice O’Connor the right choice?”

Ron Paul was allowed a tiny snippet of an answer before being rudely cut off with the question being shuffled to the next candidate down the line.

He was about to give an answer that, I think, would not only have been interesting but would have matched my own beliefs. Instead of treating him with the tiny bit of respect due to any of the candidates, he wasn’t even allowed that little moment to give his thoughts.


I don’t support the guy (and, in fact, was preparing a lengthy post in opposition to him), but if he’s going to be allowed to debate, he needs to be allowed to speak.


PS - I miss Fred. I really miss Fred.

PPS - Huckabee could make the same complaint. And he is. WIth extra crankiness.


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