Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Worst Team in the NFL

After a few days spent in Estes Park pondering my work life and spending a little quality, relaxed time with my future wife, I drove back today to watch a little football. The thing that most stood out to me this week--aside from Denver’s continuing odd mix of exceptional defense and subdued offense leading to wins taht aren’t exactly the height of entertainment (not that I’m complaining)--was that I was apparently wrong about the Oakland Raiders. That is, they aren’t the worst team in the league; that honor belongs to Arizona.

See, Arizona still had a chance to pull their season out of the ashes. Unfortunately for them, that chance was last week. This week the Cardinals proved that their breakdown last week is still rippling through the team. Their confidence is shot and their season is over.

The Cards are playing with a quarterback who has had his nerve severely shaken and whose backup is, very sadly, now only a reminder of how good he used to be. The offensive line is horrid, the defense inept, the special teams inconsistent. The Arizona Cardinals stepped up and snatched that “worst team in the league” label more convincingly than I would have guessed.

Congratulations to the Cards--it was a hardly fought “victory”. If you take my meaning.


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