Friday, January 20, 2006

The Road Warrior and Mel Envy

Do I move in with g-phrase to save money and make it easier to survive on the remnants of my savings and the unemployment I’ll be collecting for a bit? That’s what I’m contemplating while I’m watching The Road Warrior and thinking about all the twists and turns my life had taken to get me to this point.

So, yeah, let’s talk about the movie.

First, I wish I could drive the last of the V8 Interceptors. Second, Mel Gibson was a tremendously attractive man. I mean, something beyond handsome, although far too manly to be pretty. No wonder the women got all happy when they saw him. Third, we should all have a dog like Dog to keep us company when we’re contemplating life’s bigger questions and issues.

And, lastly, we used to take the idea of apocalypse seriously, didn’t we? There was a deep belief that the world could easily slip into self-destruction when the Soviets finally decided to test our German tripwire or when one of those hot wars on the fringe of our cold war spilled over with dramatic effect. The belief in the potential wasn’t so completely misplaced, either. There were times (like during the Cuban missle crisis, when the Soviet client state was urging a launch against the United States even though the leadership believed it would mean the essential destruction of Cuba) when we danced awfully close to that line.

It’s odd to think that an era of trivialities like pink Izods, Better Off Dead, and Frankie Goes to Hollywood was also an era of a deep, nervous wait for nuclear holocaust.

I’ve always been convinced that former President Bill Clinton was, in part, a reaction to the end of the Cold War. An America that had finally moved out of the shadow of a very final kind of war didn’t want to think about the next challenge; it wanted to enjoy a little R&R after a long, tense conflict that left us in a better world. Who wants to worry about the problems of the rest of the world when we just got finished with so much heavy lifting?

Maybe that’s too simplistic, though, and it doesn’t really fit with the fact that Clinton actually did get us involved in a few conflicts (big and little ones, here and there) during his time in office. So, yeah, maybe it’s more that people didn’t really like President Bush the First or know what to think about the idea of a President Dole; and, let’s be honest, things were going mostly okay (even though some of that “okay” was an illusion generated by an irrational dot com boom and some seriously irresponsible corporate practices that would bit us all in the ass about the time that Clinton was thinking about taking his final Presidential bows).

None of which changes the fact that I’m still jobless and a big fan of the Mad Max flicks. And that Carnation Chocolate Malted Milk mix is really tasty stuff. And that I wish I looked like Mel Gibson. So does the g-phrase, for that matter.


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