Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Super Special Guest Post by Rae: Rocky Mountain High

Since the MuNuvians are broken somethin’ serious, Rae asked if she could post her Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash wrap-up here.

I said no. She offered bribes. She won.

Anyway, for those of you who didn’t attend, just see what you missed. Next time, we’ll expect you to fly in and buy me shots.

The Minturn Saloon in the Mile High City was bustling with bloggers Saturday night.  I arrived around 6:30 to find Zomby, Stephen Green, and Andy already sipping.  Jed had arrived only seconds before me.  The bacon cheeseburgers that Andy and Stephen ordered looked absolutely fabulous and as I was famished, I asked for one myself-- with BBQ sauce and fries.

Remembering that I had my digital handy, I had Z try to take a shot of Andy, Stephen and me.  Unfortunately, my camera’s batteries were completed faded. Stephen recalled that he had some in his car from a camping trip and offered to grab them from his car.  Three attempts from three different people found the batteries were out of juice, so Jed kindly offered to walk over to a 7-11 to purchase some for me.  I had earlier walked downtown Denver to a Rite Aid.  This girl has been in the small town too long.  I took an alternate route back to avoid what I saw earlier.  So, I was very thankful that Jed was so willing to walk the streets of downtown Denver just so I could have batteries.

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