Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sudden (Perhaps Ridiculous) Realization

Holy, damnit.

I pay over eighty bucks a month for all this crap on TV? I mean, I pay over eighty bucks a month to be this frustrated by the crap that’s on my hundreds of channels on TV?

Okay, so I’m happy that the Broncos and Avs games look good, I’m reasonably regularly happy with stuff that’s on the History Channel, and I still dig House (which I can’t watch while the freakin’ baseball playoffs continue to irritate me (because, see, I really don’t much care for baseball unless it’s me going to a day game in the middle of summer--which I’m not and it isn’t)).

But on any given night, while I’m sitting here working, I’ll be more likely to find something irritating than something worth watching.

Die, television. Die die die!


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