Monday, October 23, 2006

Stupid Act, Stupid Response

This morning, I watched a video that was pointed out by NRO’s Stanley Kurtz. It’s a video of a group of people from the group BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) protesting, in a rather odious and intimidating way, the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.

And, regardless of your stance on racial preferences or the MCRI, it should be easy to say that storming into a meeting of canvassers, overturning tables, yelling and screaming, and disrupting a legal and reasonable political process is beyond the bounds of decent opposition behavior. Voicing an opposing opinion isn’t a bad thing and neither is working passionately to defeat the MCRI; but trying to intimidate the opposition into silence is wrong.

Unfortunately, I didn’t watch the video at the MCRI site as directed by Kurtz.

The MCRI site was rolling slow--probably a little overwhelmed by the traffic its getting from hundreds of bloggers wanting to see what all the ruckus was about--and kindly included a link to the same video hosted on YouTube. YouTube seems to me to be a breeding ground for ill-informed, outrageous commentary; so far, I remain far more interested in its music videos than at stabs at political statements. I honestly wish that serious people would keep their videos off of YouTube because it invites some pretty nasty people to the party.

Some of the handful of comments on this video range from merely stupid to truly vile. Examples (including the commenter’s name and the time of the comment):

paperweight90 (1 week ago)
Wow… The only reason these people are heard is because they are loud and violent. Just like their so called leader, ‘martin luther’ king who stole his name from Martin Luther, a German monk of the 1500’s.

wkh88 (3 days ago)
here’s sayin’ goodbye, you jiggaboos
pardon’s long overdue
so get on out of here
fuck off out of here

dafroballer11 (1 week ago)
uncivil monkeys against free speech (UMAFS)

Instead of going after the reprehensible behavior of the members of BAMN, the comments make attacks about ethnicity or show a serious lack of knowledge about one of the most important figures in American history. Isn’t that great? One group of idiots brings out another and the political conversation over racially based preferences and race relations in America takes another few steps back.

Just lovely.


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