Friday, April 14, 2006

Step by Step Instructions for the Most Current Perfect Friday

  1. Sleep in late because you won’t be going in to work today.
  2. Have a leisurely lunch with a friend. Sit on the patio because the warm spring skies are too good to pass up. Drink a beer because you can.
  3. Go to your girlfriend’s house to play with her dog. Give the pup a treat just because the way she leans up against you is so damned cute.
  4. Wait for the g-phrase to come home and notice just how cute she looks and how pretty her smile is. Hang out while she tells you about her day and just enjoy her company.
  5. Go grab a cheap dinner at Jason’s Deli. Mostly because of their gigantic baked potatoes.
  6. Spend way too much money at the local Borders because books make you happy.
  7. Grab a few videos at Blockbuster so you can settle in back at home for a night of cuddling and reading.
  8. Realize that strawberry milkshakes from Baskin Robbins would probably go pretty good on a night like this one.
  9. Settle in to read Bernard-Henri Levy’s American Vertigo--a sort of spiritual successor to Tocqueville’s famous observations about American vices, virtues, and potentials.
  10. Feel blessed that regardless of the strife and struggle in the world, there is much to appreciate and love.

It might not be your perfect Friday, but it worked wonders for me.


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