Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Soulsavers, It’s Not How Far You Fall…

Soulsavers Album Cover

Good news for fans of brilliant, quirky music: the Soulsavers’ exceptional album, It’s Not How Far You Fall, It’s How You Land is finally available in the US. You can get it at decent local record stores, iTunes, or Amazon--although, on iTMS it is hilariously labeled as “Christian/Gospel” (not, to be fair, that I know what I would label the thing).

It certainly does have a gospel edge to it ("Revival" has a full blown gospel choir in the background) and is preoccupied with thoughts and images of religion. But I’m guessing the strange, Eastern drone of “Jesus of Nothing” wouldn’t grab your typical Christian as a statement of faith.

What do you get with this eclectic mix that still manages to feel all of a piece? Noisy rock, ambient, dance beats, mellow pop, fuzzy guitars, gospel, and something not far from blues. You also get Mark Lanegan’s voice in all its glory--and especially glorious it is on “Revival”, “Spiritual”, “Kingdoms of Rain”, and “No Expectations.” He appears on and wrote a good chunk of the songs on the CD, the result being something that sounds very much like a Lanegan solo album infused with electronic dance beats. I was skeptical of the mix, but it turns out beautifully.

Musical labels don’t quite suffice, so I’ll just say this: it is one of my favorite purchases of the last few years and is regularly in my CD player and on my iPod.

Buy it from iTunes. (This link will launch iTunes Music Store.)


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