Monday, July 25, 2005

So, About Ricky Williams

It must be hard to be a Dolphins fan right now. Ricky Williams, a man who let down his teammates and fans in a big way, is back with the team.

Was it that he missed the game? That he renewed his love for football? Or was it that Williams realized, when the Dolphins started asking for the signing bonus back, that he might not actually be able to afford all the bags of weed that he was really looking forward to in his extended off season?

See, the tough part for the fans has to be the desire to tell the guy to take his doobie and go rot in hell--second chances after abandonment are always a little tough. The fact is, though, that after last year’s disastrous outing, you’d have to believe that the Dolphins will be a better team with Williams in the backfield. They need a good running back and Williams is talented (if unreliable).

To all those Dolphins fans out there: I feel for you. You can’t help but wonder just how long his newfound commitment might last.

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