Sunday, February 08, 2009

Shouldn’t be News and Shouldn’t be an Incident

It’s only three sentences, so I need to quote the whole thing, but this is from the Denver Post:

Colorado Springs airport officials say security screeners spotted a spent military round in a passenger’s carryon luggage, but there were no explosives in it.

Airport spokeswoman Kelly Jackson says the passenger told authorities it was a souvenir and didn’t object to discarding it.

The incident occurred Thursday.

So, airport security asked the man to discard a “spent military round"--a chunk of brass with no value as a weapon, with no powder, and no more dangerous than, say, a roll of pennies--for no good reason, and the newspaper reports the “incident” because…

Actually, I don’t know why they reported this non-incident unless their intent was to show how stupid airport security can be. In which case it’s just a poorly written article.

Some days it feels like our country becomes, collectively, dumber by the day.


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