Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sharing Moments I

When moving, you have that happy packing/unpacking/re-packing/deciding what goes into storage moment where you discover goofy/wonderful/painful/intriguing bits of your past that were happily boxed up the last time you moved.

Or, if you’re me, the time before the time before the last time you moved. Mostly, my memories stay boxed away so that they never have to infringe on my thoughts. This move is different, though; the f-word (thanks, Doug!) has a place pretty full of stuff and my stuff just won’t fit. I’m having to really evaluate the things that I’m keeping out and the things that are going to be closeted away in a storage space.

Lucky you. I’m in a sharing mood.

Right now I’ve found a little box with my June 1, 1978 Roosevelt Elementary School ribbons for first place in the Hot Wheel and second place in the 75-yard dash. I’m looking at them and wondering about the kid that won those little, tattered ribbons. It’s not just that it seems so long ago, it seems like a few lifetimes ago. The army, the marriage, the divorce, the deaths, the broken bones, and the sheer amount of change that has left that little kid unrecognizable (or, full well knowing what it means, the f-word described me as FUBAR) and the world around him something like a dream.

It also has my first voter registration card (1988) a few cards from Naval Jerry (not the earlier Army version or the later Traveling Geek version) and my British Airways Junior Jet Club membership kit.

Heheh. Cool. Little memories of moments that happened to a me that no longer exists.

Note: Pictures coming later.


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