Saturday, August 09, 2008

Saturday Reading

Our buddy, Shawn, has a great article from yesterday’s American Spectator about the political theater surrounding Hugo Chavez’s offer of subsidized heating oil for poor Americans.

If anyone required more definitive proof that the formulation “Citizen of the World” is utterly meaningless, this Kennedy-Chavez Oil For Praise business should do it. The former Massachusetts representative demagogues “Big Oil” as “an island of bull-headedness and smugness” for not donating to Citizens Energy and failing to abide the limit on “unearned profits” Joe has nominated himself to arbitrarily arbitrate. (A $400,000 yearly salary to head a “nonprofit” is totally kosher, though.) Yet Venezuela, a nation in which nearly 40 percent of its population lives in abject poverty and has an oil industry nationalized ostensibly for the greater good, deserves praise for shipping off valuable resources to the richest nation in the world sans any remuneration? Aside, that is, from puffing up the already outsized ego of the preening, blustery megalomaniac leading the country, payment that will neither feed nor house anyone.

He does have a way with words, doesn’t he?

Check out “Stolen Oil: Hugo Chavez and Joe Kennedy deserve each other. But impoverished Venezuelans deserve better.”


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