Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Rocky Strikes the Right Note

Denver’s Rocky Mountain News on the question of whether Deborah Davis should have been forced to show ID as she rode the bus to work:

Here’s hoping the threat dissolves once those attorneys put their heads together. They might recall that Americans are under no obligation to carry an ID - at least not when heading to work by foot, bike or bus. Most do, of course, and the vast majority probably wouldn’t mind flashing it at an officer engaged in routine security for a federal complex. But why should iconoclasts such as Davis be punished for defending our liberty just because the rest of us are trouble-averse sheep? 

We’re not arguing that Davis has a constitutional right to decline a request to produce an ID at the Federal Center. It’s a complicated matter, and perhaps a close legal call. We’re just saying that when someone boards a bus, she does so with the understandable expectation that she won’t be confronted by police with a demand for her “papers.”

Nicely said.

For more background, here’s my previous post (which links to Publicola’s opinion) and here you can find Jed’s thoughts on the subject.


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