Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 5.5: The Very Official Announcement

Blogger Bash is coming. Can you smell the shots?

Important Update: The Minturn in no longer the Minturn, regardless of what the Web site says. It is now The Moon Time Bar.

After much hard thought, many drinks, and more than a small dose of procrastination, Andy and I are pleased to present:

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 5.5

Friday, August 25, 2006
Minturn Saloon Moon Time Bar
Pseudo-Centrally Located
846 Broadway | Denver, Colorado

Open to bloggers, commenters, significant others, and random passers-by. You can expect to talk about politics, music, movies, and ruminations on the meaning of “Centrally Located” while drinking all the booze your credit card can buy.

RSVP here or at Andy’s joint and we’ll keep a running list of the attendees.

For more information about the Minturn.
Check out Google Maps to find the quickest path to the bar.

Party People
  • David. Me. The End.
  • Andy. Your other host for the evening.
  • Matt. The once and future blogger.
  • Roger Fraley. Who will be there, darnit.
  • Shannon wishes she could come. But she can’t. Which is what she gets for running away to Canada.
  • Off Colfax. Who always shows up right when everyone else is drunk. Which means he sits there, pointing at us and laughing most of the night. Which, if I could remember it clearly, would probably hurt my feelings something fierce.
  • Publicola. Who will be on the roof smoking the night away in the most centrally-located seat he can find.
  • Angie. Keep your fingers crossed.
  • Goyishekop.
  • Jiggity. He’s buying the shots this time, I hear.
  • Charlie. Who isn’t quite older than dirt. Yet.
  • Jed. The vocal voice urging party unity. Or, wait, that’s not quite right.
  • Rae. The far-traveling blogger and long-time buddy (and proof that hot chicks blog).
  • Darren. Who always brings big, loud conversational aids.
  • Wheels. Who will be moving his blogs to new digs soon.
  • Cutter. That’s Doctor Cutter, if you please.
  • Stacy. And her brand new blog location.
  • David Aitken. Because he now realizes that we really are the cool kids and that he should have shown up last time.
  • Sin from Bleeding Right is coming because he knows we might be able to con the bartender into playing some good music.
  • Robert will, hopefully, refrain from creatively destroying anything during the bash.


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