Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash: All The Cool Kids Will Be There

Feb. 18th 2006, 6 pm
Breckenridge Brewery

Pass the word to help make this a great bash.

You don’t have to have a blog to come, and you don’t have to have a blog to RSVP. Commenters and lurkers are encouraged to come by and meet up with some of the most opinionated, intelligent, interesting drunk people in the Rocky Mountains. Likewise, everyone is welcome regardless of political affiliation, blogging style, favorite football team, or height.

I’ll be updating names on the list regularly and will post graphics for the event in the next day or two.

Who’s Coming?
Shannon. Who is really really happy about the Super Bowl. Really happy.
Steve Green
Matt (the Irregular Blogger)
Doug Sundseth
Wheels. We hope.
Walter. Who won’t be seeing the Rev. Horton Heat just so he can spend an evening drinking and talking with you. He’s nice that way.
Dorkafork. Who really just comes for the chicks. And the occasional Dave-sponsored shot.
Left Off Colfax. Who shows up late just to mock us all when we’ve already reached the “No, I meant it, I love you, man” stage of the evening.
Angie. Airlines permitting.
Darren. Although it’s been so long since he wrote for our pleasure that we had considered revoking his license to blog.
David Aitken. Who, we expect, will be funding shots for everyone. Now that’s one of life’s better ideas. Heheh.
Sheygets Goyishekop.
Jeff G will be there for a bit.
And it looks like JK from Three Sources is going to be there.
Karl Maher, too.
Robin Roberts is coming. I told you that all the cool kids would be there.


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