Friday, December 28, 2007

Purplecons for Obama

If you are a conservative like Andrew Sullivan is a conservative (we dub thee “Purplecon"), then Sullivan wants you to vote for Obama.

In Obama, disaffected Republicans also have a chance to punish their own party for its abandonment of conservatism, embrace of dumb authoritarianism abroad and spendthrift liberalism at home.

That’s right, to punish the GOP, Sullivan wants you to vote for someone who isn’t conservative, promises scary big expansions of government programs, no vision on salvaging the tattered future of Social Security without resorting to massive tax increases, and a cut-and-run-quicker-than-Hillary foreign policy approach that should leave Iraq’s future looking even more dismal than Social Security’s. Because the way to really push for a more accountable, more fiscally responsible, more conservative Republican party is to vote in droves for the exact opposite.

The logic is undeniable.

Shawn Macomber’s response to this idiocy is perfectly on point:

Look, Andrew, the Republicans we have running are bad enough, okay? I already feel like I’m being punished. Why I would want to compound that pain by voting for a kneejerk liberal who is going to spend the next four years lecturing me on the never-ending list of virtues he attributes to himself--before going ahead and injecting the government into ever further reaches of my life for my own good anyway? I mean, if I wanted a preening, pious megalomaniac I’d just vote for that Baptist guy who stays at the Holiday Inn Express.

Obama is running on a platform remarkably similar to Hillary’s, he’s just more likable and he’s staked out ground a little further to the left (but not all the way out into Kucinichland). Frankly, I’d rather vote Hillary (and if the choice was Huckabee v/ Hillary, that’s probably what I would do).

I’m not in the business of endorsing candidates--I don’t precisely hold the position of prominence that cries out for political recommendations. For the sake of conversation, though, I will admit that the only person I have given money to during this election cycle has been Fred Thompson. I tend to like his policies, and, while it was mistaken for people to see him as the Gipper reincarnate, I think that he has the temperament and intelligence to do the job well. Sadly, it looks less and less like he has a legitimate shot at the nomination, but while there’s a chance that Thompson (or one of a few other GOP candidates) can still gain the nomination, I’m sticking with my party instead of abandoning it for the flashing smile and extravagant promises of an unreconstructed leftist who doesn’t come close to addressing my biggest issues with any authority.

And, anyway, if the choice comes down to Obama or that “Baptist guy who stays at the Holiday Inn Express”, I’m voting Ron Paul for the improved entertainment value and wholesale destruction of useless government agencies.


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