Sunday, September 17, 2006

PS- I’m Back

The recent quiet on the blogging front was the result of a trip to Atlanta to see my buddy Jerry, drink a little, eat a little, relax a lot, and catch ProgPower USA VII. The short of it is this: damn, I needed a break and thanks to Jerry for getting me to take one. It was a hell of a good weekend.

The long of it is that I’ve got a lot written, even more to share, and it’ll start coming to you tomorrow. The Travels of Jerry and Dave to the City of Atlanta. Starring Jerry and Dave, with guest appearances by aging metal fans, a gaggle of bands, a couple unhappy Midwest Airlines customer help people, and, extra-special guest appearance by Beauford.

None of which answers the question: why the hell didn’t I think of “Shiny Happy People”?

Gettin’ back in the groove by tomorrow…


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