Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pondering Life’s Big Questions

First Big Question: How can I properly applaud Ace’s dismissal from American Idol when Paris was in the bottom three this week? Do the voters value perky breasts over talent?

Second Big Question: Do I know anybody in Kentucky? Because I’m going to be there in October and it would be really cool if someone wanted to buy me shots.

Third Big Question: Have you heard Jesu’s Silver yet? Because it is tremendous. It’s atmospheric and vast, but with a kind of biting edge--sort of what Brian Eno would sound like if he poured acid on the master tapes. Or something like that. Justin Broadrick is an amazing talent.

Fourth Big Question: Will the Nuggets be able to capitalize on their best season since I was in high school? Somehow I doubt it, but it’s nice to see them back in the mix.


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