Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Operation Desert Shawn

Operation Desert Shawn
Everyone who reads ResurrectionSong regularly will know of the respect that I have for Shawn Macomber, so I will be supporting his latest efforts both with my money and my encouragement that other people lend a few dollars, too.

Shawn is going to Kuwait, even without financial backing, to spend time covering the war first hand. I have to admit that I’m jealous--it’s a trip that I wish I could take--and I’m also hopeful that he stays safe. I look forward to reading about his experiences. This kind of a trip, without someone acting as a financial backer, would be tremendously expensive (a fact that I’m becoming more aware of as I continue to plan my own trip through some of Africa’s emerging nations).

If you have a little to spare, I’m sure that he would be greatful.

Give to Operation Desert Shawn.


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