Saturday, February 13, 2010

On Andrew Sullivan

While I think the claim that Andrew Sullivan is anti-Semitic was a stretch, this critique from The American Spectator’s Philip Klein seems to be about perfect in its view of Sullivan’s writing.

So, while one can only speculate as to what motivates Sullivan’s views on Israel, even giving him the benefit of the doubt and judging him strictly by his own standards, his daily ratings are philosophically incoherent, intellectually lazy, and increasingly insane.

I would imagine that we would all be a little better off if we treated Sullivan’s ideas with the seriousness that they deserve: if open mockery seems to cruel, then ignoring him is entirely reasonable.

Read the rest here.

Update- The allegation of anti-Semitism is like the allegation of racism: break it out only when the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of the conclusion. Cheapening the word--and the sin--by applying it capriciously or even through sly insinuation diminishes real acts of anti-Semitism and racism. 


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