Wednesday, March 09, 2005

New Authors. New Engine. Same Zomby.

Welcome to the New and (Hopefully) Improved ResurrectionSong. Riding on Expression Engine, I’m hoping that comment and trackback spam are a thing of the past.

If you long to look at the old post and the old sites, for now, just use the “Really Old Posts” link on the right side navigation. That will take you to the front page of the old site where you fill find that everything except the comments and trackbacks still work. You’ll also find Steve Green as a Playgirl cover model, so beware.

There are four new members of the team. All of them are familiar faces to long-time readers and all of them will add a new flavor to the site. So I welcome Jerry, Don O, Remy, Jo, Jay, and Craig (one of the guys who helped make ResurrectionSong successful in the first place) as my co-bloggers--and I look forward to reading them in the coming months.

There are still bugs to sort out between the two blogging engines, so please forgive any bumpy moments. Between a full time job, bloggiing for your pleasure, freelance work, and the new company, it sometimes takes a bit to get to the smaller things.



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