Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Advocate for Conservative Colorado Bloggers

I heard a rumor about Darren Copeland--a name that will be familiar to most Denver area bloggers and to all regular Blogger Bash attendees--taking a new job as Director of Communications for the Colorado Senate Republican Caucus. A quick call to him confirmed the truth of the rumor and, being properly opportunistic, I decided to find out what exactly his new position might mean.

Apparently our Darren--who, of all the bloggers I know, seems best-equipped for this kind of a job given both his background in radio and his personality--will be coordinating all of the communication efforts for the Republican Senate caucus. That communication effort won’t be directed only toward mainstream media, but will include a concerted effort to “strengthen the relationship between Senators and bloggers.”

When I talked to him, Darren explained to me that he felt that the Democrats smartly made use of bloggers in the last election cycle and that he hoped to help build an avenue of communication between GOP Senators and bloggers to help support conservative efforts in Colorado. The next few years will be vital to the long term health of our state and enlisting the aid of influential writers throughout the region might make the difference between winning and losing an important battle. It’s that realization that leaves me personally excited by the potential for a Colorado GOP that works to engage bloggers in a way that we haven’t seen before (and, of course, excited to see one of my friends moving into a new phase of his career).

Of course, now that he is officially part of the establishment, I wondered if he would still be the same guy when it came time to come to the next Blogger Bash. His answer proves that even a little bit of power can be a corrupting influence. “As for the next RMBB I expect to be picked up at my house in a gilded carriage towed by six trained buffalo, announced at the door of the venue by John Elway with a 30 gun salute led by Jed, then carried into the room by Carmelo Anthony, Jay Cutler, Troy Tulowitzki, and Joe Sakic while Jerralyn Merritt and Stacy from ‘Still Stacy’ walk in front dropping Columbine flowers behind them (state flower of course).  Finally, I expect to be fed grapes and shots all evening until I retire for the evening at which point 15 professional wailers will loudly express their misery at the absence of my Obama-esque presence.’”

This is big news on a personal level and, potentially, very good news on a political level. If the Colorado Senate Republican caucus really does reach out to local bloggers, they might find willing and extremely capable allies. Good luck to Darren; we’ll be watching when you settle into your new position and we’ll hope for your success.


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