Thursday, July 10, 2008

My iPhone is Just About to Get Much Cooler…

The iPhone Application Store is about to be open for business (which requires iTunes version 7.7, which is available now, and iPhone software version 2, available tomorrow) on Friday and I’m going to be downloading some nifty applications to make my iPhone an even better platform from which to manage my plans for world domination. And since I can browse the app store right now--integrated into iTunes and just as easy to use--I’m already starting to plan a few expenditures.

  1. Pandora for iPhones-- Pandora, the cool purveyor of musical niftiness, has a free application that will turn my iPhone into a roving jukebox. Freakin’ awesome.
  2. Recorder-- For $8.99, I’ll get a feature that I think should have been built into the iPhone from the beginning: voice recording.
  3. - Or- TalkingPics-- Which is a bigger, more complicated app than Recorder, but it looks like it has some nifty options. It associates recorded content with photos and even appears to create slide shows with aural content. Which might make taking reference pictures and notes a freakin’ breeze for journalists.
  4. BookZ Text Reader-- For $1.99, I can make the iPhone into a little portable library. I’m curious about a few things like what formats it supports and whether it operates in both horizontal and widescreen views, but for $1.99 a little experimentation can be excused, right? It explicitly does work with files from Project Gutenberg, so I will be able to build a collection of great books to keep me company on long flights. Take that overpriced Kindle!
  5. iPint-- Because it’s a game, it involves beer, and it’s free. While I have no idea what the game might involve, it still seems a worthwhile investment.
  6. Jared: Butcher of Song-- Because old Mac fans like me still remember Jared’s warbling songs with fondness. Sort of.
  7. Light-- Because the iPhone makes a surprisingly good flashlight already, and the bright white screen of Light will do the job even better.
  8. Platinum Solitaire-- For $7.99, it’s another way to kill huge chunks of time when in airports and airplanes.

Of course, that’s just a start to the damage that I’ll do to a credit card loading my little iPhone up with bright, shiny little applications.

Apple is going to rule the world.


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