Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Musical List of Fours

I saw this at Jim’s joint a couple days ago, and, even though he didn’t tag me with some meme disease, I have a hard time resisting talking about music. So I won’t.

Jim, you had a lot of great stuff on your list. Here’s mine:

Four songs that you could listen to over and over:

  1. “Julie Paridise”, Screaming Trees, Sweet Oblivion
    This song has that classic (I hate the word) grunge slow-fast dynamic. It lures you in with little-lost-girl lyrics and then it suddenly kicks out with a defiant, angry howl that shoves you up against the wall.
  2. “The Only Living Boy in New York”, Simon & Garfunkel, Bridge Over Troubled Water
    Out of a catalog of sublime music, this is my favorite from the duo. I can’t exactly explain why.
  3. “Hit the Ground”, Lizz Wright, Dreaming Wide Awake
    Lizz Wright’s voice is proof that there is good in the world. It is a perfect instrument with a full, sultry quality; her control is exquisite. And this is a song where she shines.
  4.  "Into the Piano”, Woven Hand, Consider the Birds
    One of the things that makes David Eugene Edwards so fascinating is his ability to paint entire scenes with spare lyrics that are elusive enough to compel listeners to understand, but not so oblique that they cannot be understood. This song is like listening to a stand-up piano echoing off the walls of a old church, ringing and slow. “Behind a door, hand to face, conscience is the wound.”

Of course, there are so many songs that I could have put in this category. U2, Mark Lanegan, Grant Lee Buffalo, Daniel Lanois, Twilight Singers, and a host of other artists have made songs that provide the soundtrack to my life. I think I owe them a big thanks.

Four songs that drive you up the friggin’ wall:
  1. “Love Shack”, B-52s, Cosmic Thing
    Hideous song that burrows into the back of your brain and, I’m pretty sure, leaching your sould right out of your body. That kind of evil.
  2. “Ain’t No Sunshine”, Bill Withers, As I Am
    I wouldn’t hate this song, actually, if it weren’t for that ten minute interlude where the singer just repeats himself over and over and over and over and over and over...
  3. “When the Children Cry”, White Lion, Pride
    Do I need to explain this one?
  4. “Forever Your Girl”, Paula Abdul
    It doesn’t help that she’s become the rambling, confused, and, perhaps, chemically stimulated annoying voice on American Idol, but the song would still be on this list without the latter-day assist.

Four songs that you’re embarrassed (or should be) to admit you like:
  1. “Mambo #5”, Lou Bega
  2. “Night Fever”, Bee Gees
  3. “Too Shy”, Kajagoogoo, White Feathers
  4. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, Bobby McFerrin

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