Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mr. Answer Knows it All (And Shares When He Damned Well Feels Like It)

Recently someone searched for information about “‘Gunnin for the Buddha’ British Bands” and came up with ResurrectionSong. I’m guessing that they didn’t know who sang that funky little ditty and needed a little help.

Mr. Answer is here to guide you, supplicant.

The band the seeker is looking for is the under-appreciated Shriekback and can be found on their album Big Night Music. Great album with some other gems to be found like “Running on the Rocks” and “Sticky Jazz.” While you’re out trying to find that little slice of the 80’s, you might also want to look for Oil & Gold, which has their other recognizable song, “Nemesis” along with the brilliantly fun “Hammerheads” (the live version which can be found on the compilation The Dancing Years is perfect, although the album as a whole is a bit of a mixed bag).

Inconsistent, eclectic, and affected, it’s not too surprising that Shriekback haven’t found a huge audience. The good stuff, though, is mighty good.

Now, Mr. Answer is off to sample the pleasures of “Fading Flowers.” Gorgeous.


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