Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mr. Answer Doesn’t Know (And The Attention is a Little Unnerving)

Over the last few days, the site has seen search results come in from people wondering what might be the penalty for possession of crystal meth. All because of this sentence:

In essence, Advil is marijuana is crack is crystal meth is aspirin.

Let’s get this clear: Mr. Answer (who might very well know it all (or, at least, significant bits of it all)) doesn’t like the implication that he knows the answer to this question. It might be inviting the wrong sort of Web traffic to the hallowed halls of Resurrection Song, a site of exemplary exemplariness.

And, anyway, Mr. Answer always preferred the less harsh high of cocaine to the jarring highs and lows that came with crystal meth. Or so he’s heard…


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