Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 21, 2010: Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash X (Because I Can’t Remember Where We Left Off Edition)

At 7 p.m. on May 21, 2010, at the Milwaukee St. Tavern, the Rocky Mountain Bloggers will be drinking booze, enjoying each other’s company, and solving the thorniest political problems with the amazing acuity that only booze can provide.

Entry is sticky for now. Watch below for other posts. Directions to the bar can be found here.

Who’s Coming to the Party?

Me. Because it isn’t much of a party without me, let’s be honest.
Jed. Whose blogging sprung a leak some time ago. We miss ya, Jed! And, anyway, he might not come. Because he has commitment issues.
Doug S. Who sometimes posts here. Sometimes posts other places. He’s sort of a blog hussy, really, and he has commitment issues, too.
Robert. He will be accompanied by his beautifully trimmed beard and a brace of anti-Zomby jokes. Because that’s how he rolls.
Darren. And, if we’re lucky, his lovely wife, both of whom bring a little needed class to the rest of us rabble.

Steve Green. Because he is both a better conversationalist than I am and happens to be a chick magnet. Which is important when you’re inviting a bunch of bloggers to go drinking.
Robin and his wife will be there to argue the relative merits of the various roller derby teams that come through Denver. And politics.
Walter. Even though he hasn’t said so explicitly, I have faith in him.
Mr. Lady will not be there. But she’ll be there in spirit. We’ll be there in spirits, but that’s an entirely different thing.


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