Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mark Lanegan News (You’ve Been Waiting for it, Haven’t You?)

The Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan and Ballad Of The Broken Seas has been nominated for the Mercury music prize (which is a kind of big deal if you happen to be from the UK). For the record, Lanegan is only eligible for this UK-only award because he collaborated with the twee--and cute as hell--Campbell.

I have mixed feelings on this honor (and being shortlisted for the award is an honor for the two). I don’t think it’s Lanegan’s best work and I wish that he were being recognized for something like Field Songs or Whiskey for the Holy Ghost--either of which ranks at the top of my all time favorites. This is also an honor that recognizes Campbell far more than Lanegan, and rightly so. She wrote and produced the grand majority of the material on the disc, bringing her particular musical vision to life.

That said, Lanegan’s voice shines on songs like “False Husband” and “Revolver” is something approximating brilliant. For that matter, the 70’s honkeytonk feel of “The Circus is Leaving Town” is surprisingly good for something that seems to be based on a long-running cliche. His voice is rich, full, and soothing--special.

So, congratulations to Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan and here’s hoping that they win the prize.


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