Sunday, March 15, 2009

Looks Like Jay Cutler is Going Bye Bye (Updated)

The Broncos-Cutler rift looks like it is going to be resolved with a trade. This is disappointing since Cutler is a talented young quarterback and it seems that there should have been some way for the Broncos and Cutler to bridge their gap--but I still leave most of the blame in Cutler’s corner for having taken word of a potential trade as being something personal rather than what it was: a business transaction. When he refused to return the phone calls of the team owner, he was making a really bad decision.

CBS4 has learned that disgruntled Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler is no longer in Denver and is done negotiating with the team. Cutler will not be attending Monday’s voluntary team workout. Sources tell CBS4 he has told the Broncos to trade him.

Cutler and his agent met face-to-face with the Broncos Saturday where no progress was made between the quarterback and his new head coach.

I hope that wherever he lands he will be successful. By all accounts, he’s also a very good citizen who has given quite a bit to the Denver community--and he will be missed in many ways. But this ending was his choice. 

Read the story.

Update: And ESPN has a story that gives a much more sympathetic ear to the Cutler side of the story. Read it here. Doesn’t change my overall feelings, but it does give Cutler the opportunity to say his piece.

I would still hope that there is a chance to fix the situation--but these guys are suffering a serious communications issue. And here’s another take that brings Bill Belichick into the story.


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