Thursday, October 27, 2005

Late Night Reading

It’s late night, and I’ve just finished packing and printing out my boarding passes for tomorrow’s flight. I settled in to read a little before going to sleep, and the reading material of choice is The Atlantic. Even though the magazine seems to be drifting further to the left, I tend to find a lot worth enjoying in its pages. The food articles are wonderful, in particular, as are the book reviews.

I like the book reviews because the trend toward the bloodthirsty. Blunt, economical with words, and often right on the mark. Here’s the ending for the review of Raising Boys Without Men.

Someday American women may realize that the great achievement of civilization wasn’t Erica Jong’s zipless fuck of yesteryear. It was convincing men that they had an obligation to contain their sexual energies within marriage and to support--economically and emotionally--the children they created in that marriage. You go, June Cleaver!

Priceless and perfect.

Now, back to reading…


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