Monday, January 14, 2008

Late Entries (Updated III)

I believe this is the last of the house band entries--which is good. Pretty soon we can go back to talking about the incredible displays of world class pandering going on in the presidential election.

But, first, we have Wheels selection of an enviro-death metal band, TUSK, and their new release Enough to Know Better. Welcome this pond scum (with lovely cover art) to the mix.

If I’ve missed anyone, I’ll post them in updates to this entry.

Update: Two more creative spirits.

Good buddy Craig (who has a new blog--mind your blogrolls) gives us a clown faced camel. Which is cool. The Fellows new album, Live Devoted to Pleasure, might not be quite as cool as the cover.

Joan gives us one of my favorite covers with Quiet Lies You’re Comfortable With It. Beautiful picture.

More Updates:

Left Off Colfax, who reminds me that I missed him in the first round (sorry), brings us Murphy’s Herd’s release, Instincts will be Strengthened.

Stranger, Roberta X, brings us the requisite cheesecake with Walter Marks’ There is Time Enough.

Stranger II, Tam, has Old Settler’s Association and Mile in His Moccasins. It’s odd that the moccasins in question might well be housed on a rhinoceros. But who am I to judge?

Stranger II, Part II, all dramatic and stuff.


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