Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joe Stack’s Cowardly End

Joe Stack was no hero.

That thought came through my mind when I read through his suicide note and then read a comment left on a forum run by the hosting company for embeddedart.com, where Stack had a site.

Joe Stack was no hero, despite what someone like Denns25 might imagine. “Joe Stack fought and died for his country on this day...”

No, Stack has a laundry list of complaints about the fairness of society that lead him to lash out like a child throwing a tantrum. His selfishness put others in harms way. Instead of dealing with his complaints and problems like an adult, instead of stepping up and being a leader in overturning those corrupt politicians, companies, and churches that he despised, he decided to take the cowardly, disgraceful path of a suicide bomber. Yeah, Joe, won’t that show ‘em.

And I bet they’ll really miss you when you’re gone, too.

Joe Stack was no hero. He was just another Timothy McVeigh acting out in as destructive a way as he knew how, hoping that his lifelong failures and sense of victimization would somehow be granted nobility through self sacrifice. Instead, he’ll be a nasty footnote in America’s history of crackpots and lunatics.


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