Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Janella Spears is an Idiot. Just Sayin’.

Janella Spears isn’t a sucker. Nope, not at all.

n Oregon woman who is out $400,000 after falling for a well-known Internet scam says she wasn’t a sucker or an easy mark.

Janella Spears of Sweet Home says she simply became curious when she received an e-mail promising her $20.5 million if she would only help out a long-lost relative identified as J.B. Spears with a little money up front.

Spears told KATU-TV about the scammers’ ability to identify her relative by name was persuasive.

“That’s what got me to believe it,” She said. “So, why wouldn’t you send over $100?”

Okay, even if I assumed that sending the $100 through the untraceable wire account to help some unknown relative sounded like a good idea--which, no, it doesn’t--that doesn’t go far in explaining the rest of the $400,000 that she gave away.


Even worse, the reason I keep getting those damned spam emails on a daily basis from someone telling me that I’ve won a lottery I’ve never entered, am going to reap millions for helping some poor widow smuggle money out of Zimbabwe, or that a long, lost relative left me untold wealth in his will is because it works. I’ll only stop getting those emails when greedy idiots like Janella Spears stop sending their money to con men.

Nearly half a million dollars pissed away and she can still say, with a straight face, that she wasn’t a sucker or an easy target.


And for the record, it wasn’t any desire to help that long-lost relative that caught her; it was the $20.5 million bucks that she was promised. Any pretense to the contrary is a lie.

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