Tuesday, February 09, 2010

In Praise of Progressive

I’m not shilling for anyone here--and I’m certainly not getting paid to express my opinion--but I wanted to say a public thanks to Progressive Insurance Company.

Last year, after about fifteen years with MetLife, I decided to shop for a better price on my insurance. Progressive saved me about $300 a year, gave me the same coverage, and every interaction with the company has been a pleasure. My wife, who has been on a multi-car account with her family, just switched her coverage to my account and, in the process, saved us about $400 more per year over her current coverage. Again, the young lady that helped me change the account tonight was tremendously helpful, patient, and a pleasure to talk to--if I had thought to ask her name, I would be commending her to her supervisor.

Point being, Progressive has not only saved me a good chunk of money over the last year, but they’ve given me superb service. It’s not often that I would say something like this, but I’m really liking my insurance company right now.

Their ads, on the other hand, are skipping happily past their sell-by date, aren’t they?


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