Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I’m Sorry, but Do I Know You?

Who the heck are you and what are you doing here?

While you’re here, check out these fine, Zomby-approved posts.

First, find out about the “only known cure for the fetid taste a Mike Huckabee speech leaves in one’s mouth”--because you might just need a taste of the medicine. Besides which, if you aren’t interested in that in specific, there is always the sheer spectacle of a conservative writer’s undercover life as a metal militiaman.

Second (and third, for that matter), Wheels links to a piece of open source software that looks like more fun than getting ripped with Steve Green in Tijuana. Okay, maybe not that much fun, but certainly with less risk of eternal damnation. And if that doesn’t work for you and you’ve served any time in the military, then the military language conversion chart will be worth a chuckle. Unless you’re Air Force, in which case you might want to pretend that we didn’t even have this little conversation.

Fourthly, sympathy goes out to Andy. Although, no, he still isn’t blogging. That was just a momentary relapse. So there.

Fifthly, you know you haven’t had enough American Idol yet. Go ahead. Click it. Alternately, just drop by and show some love to one of the most famous mommy bloggers of our time, and a registered attendee of Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 8.0.

Sixthly and Lastly (othewise known as Seventhly), Ted Bronson makes the case for a trade agreement with Columbia. I’ve been thinking of writing a similar post, but he said everything that I wanted to and he said it better. After reading that, read Hazel’s quick response to another bit of nannystate madness. The folks at TheLineIsHere.org should be one of your daily reads (if they aren’t already).


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