Friday, December 14, 2007

If: Huckabee is the GOP Nominee

Beginning with If Huckabee ends up being the nominee, I will not vote Republican this year.

Huckabee rubs me the wrong way. Not only do I disagree with him on policy (he is far more socially conservative than I am and far more devoted to spending than the current administration--in my mind, he represents much of the bad of the current administration without offering much of the good) but I find the campaign that he is running to be distasteful. The regular tiptoeing around Mitt Romney’s religion and the overt play to be the authentic Christian candidate are both offensive.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I would prefer to vote for a Christian candidate. Actually, I would like to vote for a candidate that is a perfected version of me--a mix of my good points and cultural affiliations without my bad bits. I think that’s the person that everyone wants to vote for; Huckabee is a Christian, but he isn’t much like me and he doesn’t represent what I consider to be the best of my beliefs and thoughts. My Christian beliefs aren’t the only thing that define my existence; I will vote for someone of any religion (or lack of religion) who represents my best interests and beliefs, who will fight to preserve my constitutional rights, and who irritates me the least. Huckabee scores pretty close to Ron Paul on the Zomby Irritatomometer (although both fall somewhere below Dennis Kucinich and Barrack Obama).

Which leads us to this: Jackie Mason’s response to Mitt Romney’s religion speech. He gets to the speech about 3 minutes in and he says something that I love: “He told you something that he shouldn’t have to tell you...” Regardless of what certain Andies think, I think Romney handled the religion question quite gracefully.

Update: My apologies. I was going to link to Joan’s thoughts on religion in the context of presidential politics are well worth reading. I agree with bits, I disagree with bits, but, mostly, I just find it thoughtful. My short, and possibly too simplistic, response is this: study Southern Baptists (the church that I claim as my own) all you want and you won’t necessarily understand how I’ll vote on any given subject. The better discussion is to understand the individual’s relationship to their religious beliefs and how those beliefs actually influence their votes and their actions.

Note: I originally saw the Mason video over on the Corner, but I can’t find the link to the post.


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