Monday, January 21, 2008

I Hate Stupid People. Just Sayin’.

In response to a late night, one car accident that took the lives of three idiots, the sister of one of the deceased had this to say:

“The thing that really makes me feel much better about this is they died doing what they loved to do — they were drinking, they were going fast and they were together,” Lorie Flaherty said. “It gives me comfort, it does, to know those three things.”

She was glad that her brother was killed drinking and driving.

What an idiot. What a foolish little girl. What a short-sighted ass.

The only thing that makes me happy is that they didn’t take anyone with them. The only redeeming factor in this is that three young people who thought it was a good idea to drink and drive--going well over 100mph in an area that I’ve heard is a 35mph zone, although, since I’m not familiar with the area, I couldn’t say with authority--have removed themselves permanently from the road. I feel safer.

Amber Dawn Kowalski was a twenty-three year old mother who cared for her year-old child and father who had Alzheimer’s. It’s good to know that Lorie Flaherty is happy that Kowalski died in such a phenomenally useless way. I’m comforted.

These three kids died dumb. Aside from safer roads, there is absolutely no good that comes from a tragedy like this--and don’t dare call it an accident. There was no accident in the decision-making that lead to this ending. Calling it a good thing and raising a glass is just a way to make something horrible even worse.

Stupid children.

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