Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Great Pay-as-You-Go Email Marketing

In my life, I’ve worked with a number of providers for email marketing (not spamming--I’m an ethical kind of marketing guy) and found most of them both expensive and lacking in some key area. One of the things that I continue to dislike about my current provider is that I have to pay a subscription.

My email marketing efforts go in waves. Most of the second half of the year only sees me sending out a few thousand a month at very most, but then in December and the first few months of the year, it can jump to 30,000 or so per month. That means that for most months I’m not even coming close to my subscription and that for a couple months I actually pay an overage. Unless I actually remember to change the subscription from one month to the next (and I don’t), I’m wasting money.

Which is one of the reasons that I decided to look for a better service that fits my particular needs. And I found it.

Along with a reasonable pay-as-you-go rate, the reporting tools are great, the list management tools (some of which would be a significant extra cost with my old service) are better and easier to use, the interface is friendly and more consistent, and it’s easier to pull in my custom layouts. While on a per-mail basis, it’s actually a little more expensive, the truth is that I will save money by killing off a subscription service that is mostly underutilized.

I’m thrilled. I’m thrilled in a way that would be hard to explain to folks who aren’t involved in this part of the marketing process.

Point being, if it sounds like you have some of the same needs as me, you might want to give Campaign Monitor a shot for one of your mailings. I’m betting you’ll be happy with the results.

And, no, I haven’t been paid or asked to write about them and I have no expectation that I will be rewarded in any way for pimping their services.


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