Friday, August 29, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin: A Winning Choice for McCain?

Governor Palin is an undeniably risky choice for McCain. Given her relative inexperience (although she has far more real-world executive experience than Obama) and her youth, her gender and the fact that politicians from Alaska might be in for a bumpy ride over the next few months, she has some serious negatives to overcome. I hope she’s good on the stump, I hope she’s good in speeches, and I hope she knows how to prepare for and perform in debates.

But she’s a bold choice, and that excites me. McCain didn’t go for a safe pick, he went for a person who grabs attention, who has the power to help solidify the conservative base, and who appears to have the kind of personality and drive to succeed in this role.

I have no idea if it’s a winning choice--although in my bones I feel that it is--but it’s a choice that I like almost regardless of outcome. Let’s just say that I’m with Fred on this one:

“I am absolutely delighted by this selection. Once again, John McCain has shown that he is an independent thinker who paints in bold strokes. Sarah Palin is a conservative reformer with executive experience who will bring a breath of fresh air to Washington. She will be an ideal running mate for John McCain, and will make a major contribution to our country’s future.”

Good show. If I have an opportunity later in the day, I’ll explain why I like this pick from philosophical and political views.

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Update: Here’s what McGehee has to say on the subject. As for me, the more I see pictures like this one, the more happy I am that she’s the VP candidate. She seems like my people.


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